Permission to Half-Ass Your Workout

Stop chasing perfection. Do this instead!
August 3, 2023
Permission to Half-Ass Your Workout

Maybe you've noticed, but it seems like the folks who talk about exercise on TikTok and Instagram are always chasing perfection. And really, the fitness industry seems to be preoccupied with the pursuit of perfection, creating an aura of high expectations and intensive routines that often overwhelms newcomers and those with busy lifestyles. And if you're a Type A personality, this perfectionist tendency is likely to resonate with you.

There are so many "perfect workout plans" and exercise "rules." It's tricky to find something that you can squeeze into your busy day without feeling more stressed out.

But here's the truth, nobody is perfect all the time – we're only human after all. So, it's totally okay to have days when you don't exercise as long or as hard, or even at all.

One of our favorite sayings at Stoked is "The Most Important Workout is Your Next One." This means the real secret is to keep going. Being steady wins over trying to be perfect or super intense every time.

Doing Just Enough Is Enough

I've always been a straight-A student and I like things to be just right. I'm a hard worker who's always pushing to do more and better.

And I meet a lot of people who are just like me. They want to do their best at work, as parents, in their hobbies, and in taking care of themselves.

But the reality is, when life gets busy, something has to give.

Many times, I see moms and dads, and busy professionals letting go of their hobbies and self-care to make room in their schedules.

With less time for these things, it often means they stop doing them altogether.

It's all or nothing, right?

Here's the thing:

Our big goals, hard work, and attention to details have helped us achieve a lot in life. But, our strong desire to always do our best can sometimes set us up for failure. If we're not willing to take small steps, even when it's better than doing nothing, we're missing out.

And here's a fact: Doing a little exercise is better than doing no exercise. It's better to move a little bit regularly than to sit still most of the time.

I understand. It's hard to do something if you know you're not going to do it perfectly.

But I'm here to tell you: It's okay to do just enough. It's not only acceptable to half-ass some workouts - it's to be expected.

Let go of the all-or-nothing approach. Embrace the middle ground. Some workouts are going to be killer, some will be complete duds, and some will be right in that middle ground.

When it comes to exercise, being consistent is much more important than being perfect. Here are some things to think about:

Little Efforts Make a Big Difference: Doing 2 or 3 short workouts regularly will help you more in the long run than doing one long, high-intensity workout every now and then.

Build A Habit for the Future: Even slow progress is still progress. And slow progress helps lay the groundwork for doing more when you have more time.

Taking Action Fuels Your Drive: Taking steps toward a goal helps you stay on track as you develop a new habit. When you workout, even if you didn't really feel like it, you often feel great afterwards and more driven to work out again.

The Habit of Showing Up

If you've been finding it hard to stick with your exercise routine, your super driven personality might be the reason. But a great thing about us is that we can learn new ways. We can always adapt. Keep reminding yourself: when it comes to exercise, doing something is always better than doing nothing. Every bit counts.

Try a different approach to your goal. Instead of worrying so much about what you do during your workout, make a habit of simply showing up. Then you can focus on making your workouts better.

Little efforts make a big difference, taking action fuels your drive. And being consistent is the foundation of an exercise habit that will keep you exercising into the future.

If doing just enough in your workout today is what it takes to get you to your next workout, then you've won! And, if you need a little extra support to keep you going, why not try our 14 Day Trial for personal training? You can click below to learn more about it.

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