Getting Through the First Season

“Just a heads up, the first season starts out slow...but it gets better - I promise!”
May 31, 2022
Getting Through the First Season

When was the last time a friend of yours was explaining yet ANOTHER show that you MUST watch?⠀

And let me guess — after explaining some crazy things that happen, they warn you with this quote...⠀

“Just a heads up, the first season starts out slow...but it gets better - I promise!”⠀

“Alright, maybe I’ll check it out later,” you reply (with little intent to do so).⠀

The weekend comes, you fire up the ol’ Netflix machine ready to start Breaking Bad for the 19th time, and what do you know? The show your friend recommended is staring you right in the face.

“Ughhhh fine,” you begrudgingly say, clicking your remote.⠀

You start the binge up, crushing slow episode after slow episode, bored by the lack of action and tired from having to remember the new names, places, and relationships.

But sure enough, after a few episodes, the story begins to pick up - as does your interest. And after the season is done, and the Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked pint is empty on the coffee table in front of you, you realize - YOUR FRIEND WAS RIGHT! This show rules!⠀ did the show recommended before that, and the one before that. All introduced with the same quote above.⠀

And so it begins...

We KNOW these shows start slow. We KNOW that we need context before the story gets good. And we KNOW that we’ll watch them anyway!⠀

So how can we use that patience in other areas of our life? Look, your fitness journey is no different. And we should approach it with this same mentality.

When you first get started, we need there to be context given, introductions made, and foundations built. The same way that we need to first get an idea of the characters, setting, and relationships in a new TV show. You need to understand how to read your program, your body needs to get used to getting to the gym consistently, and we need to familiarize ourselves with all of the exercise patterns before we can start getting crazy with them.

The Takeaway

We need to take some time to understand what’s going on before the story gets good! And not only should that be OK, it should be EXPECTED!

These new introductions and foundations are the legs that our awesome fitness story is built upon - so of course we should take some time to make sure they’re sturdy! And guess what - we want to help build them with you.

There's a lot to take in when we first get started at Stoked. And one thing we will stand by is that we exist to teach people how to make fitness a part of their life LONG-TERM. What we teach here helps you for life, not just for a summer shred program.

So be ok with taking it slow in the beginning as we get you familiarized with the setting for your story. The action will come soon, we promise.

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