What To Do When It Isn't Your Day

November 24, 2017

What To Do When It Isn't Your Day

The Problem

I want you to think back - when was the last time you had a really bad training session? Not just a mediocre one - a derailed session, where your body just seemed to be fighting against you?

Got it? Cool.

Now think more - how did you handle this session? Did you get angry and frustrated? Or did you brush it off? Did you let it affect your entire day after, or let it leak into your next sessions? Or did you accept it and move on?

This is HUGE. And unfortunately hugely underrated.

I’ve seen so many people, and I’ve also been guilty of it myself, get so stressed out when something isn’t going exactly as planned. Hit that set of deadlifts, slam the bar down, stomp away, shake your head, and just fill up your whole body with negative emotions. Frankly, it’s over reacting. How much one session matters over the course of a training career is so miniscule, but we stress so hard over it? We stress because we love it, and because we care (at least I hope). So, completely understandable.

But what happens to us physiologically and mentally when we can’t accept and just move on? That stress builds up, and all the negative hormonal responses begin. We start take short, shallow breaths into our chest, and all that air in our belly sits and becomes toxic causing their negative effects. The best (worst) one is the mental aspect - our brain goes a mile a minute, and we starting to question, “Why God, WHY?!” We pout through the rest of our day, and you go to sleep stressed out.

Let’s fast forward to the next workout. You’re under recovered because of all that stress, and your bench feels like trash. Now it’s D-Day in your head between your muscles and a barbell.

It sounds so ridiculous, but I’ve worked with plenty of athletes that let one bad session turn into 5.

You need to learn to control your emotions, manage your stress, and most importantly, accept the day for what it is. It’s not always going to be your day.

The Solution

Let’s fast forward to the next time you’re having a rough day. I want you to flip the script in your mind a bit.

Hit your set of squats. Doesn’t feel good? Instead of pouting around, be proactive. Why didn’t it feel good? Maybe the bar feels heavy, but what could you have done better in that set? Brace harder. Keep your upper back tighter. Get your knee in line with your foot. Keep your ribs down. I PROMISE you, you’ll get so much more out of that session vs. just being upset about it.

Let’s say nothing you can do will make these feel better. Make the decision to cut them short and get ready for that next workout, or to work through them the best you can. As soon as you’re done, go put your heels up on a bench, lay on your back, and just BREATHE. Big deep breaths. In through your nose, and out through the mouth. Get all the air out, get all the air in. Why are you breathing? This is helping getting out all that toxic air that you’re not letting out, it’s bringing your tone down, and it’s going to help kickstart that recovery process.


I put that in caps so you wouldn’t miss it. Going to bed stressed out, pissed off, and worrying about one session isn’t going to help you be better. What will is being proactive, getting all your food, water, sleep, and all other stress managed properly.

I hate saying this, but no one cares as much as about your bad sessions as you. It doesn’t truly affect anyone else. So why don’t mitigate the amount of times we get one in every training cycle?


I told you the reasons deliberate breathing exercises are important before, so that’s not what this is for. If you’re a very stressed out, high tone person, this is for you.

Before you start working out, and after you’re finished working out, I think you’d greatly benefit from lying on your back with your heels, hips and knees at 90 degrees, head back, and just take big deep breaths into your belly. Take a light kettlebell and put it on your stomach while you do this - if the KB doesn’t rise, you’re not doing it correctly. I’d recommend 3 sets of 5 breaths before and after each session to help bring down that tone.

With all this being said, I want to thank you guys for reading, and I hope this was helpful to at least one of you. This is the small stuff a lot of people don’t want to worry about, or change, frankly because it’s not sexy. But I promise you this stuff is huge.

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