Stoked Athletics

The Warm Up

You may be used to heading to the gym, hopping on the treadmill or bike for a few minutes, then getting into your work out. But we gotta ask ourselves - is that enough to warm up and get us ready for the workout? We don't believe so, and here's why.

A good warm up does 3 things:

1) It literally warms us up. The treadmill or bike does accomplish that in a sense, but that's about all it gets. Getting our body warm helps bring blood to the muscles and such, so we gotta make sure we are bringing up that temperature!

2) It increases our mobility and stability for that session. During our workout, we are typically entering ranges of motion we may not experience every day. So to stay safe, our warm up should help create a little more mobility in places that need to be mobile, and a little more stability in the places that need to be stable.

3) It gets us activated and helps promote better movement. We all love that feeling of “mind-muscle” connection. The better we can feel the control of our movements, the better our lifts will go.

You'll note that there are two variations to do for each warm up. If you are new, we will be starting with the first one in each video. Over the next few months, you can explore the others, but it isn't necessary! Neither are necessarily better, they are just different - but we believe the first one is a solid starting point for everyone.

So let's get on with it!

1) Roll & Reach OR Straight Leg Sit Up

2) Glute Bridge OR Single Leg Glute Bridge

3) Side Lying T-Spine Rotation OR World's Greatest Stretch

4) Cross March OR Knee Hug Forward Lunge

5) Alternating Lateral Squat OR Leg Cradle Lateral Lunge

6) Squat w. Rotation & Extension OR Groin Hamstring Squat